1) Run NIACtool as Administrator :

NOTE:It´s necessary for NIACtool to save the file and generate the log file.

2) Cluster Administrator Credentials or viewer are required. It can be a local or domain user with an Administrator Role inside Nutanix Cluster.

NOTE: There are some limitations when using user viewer.

3) If you want information on Central Prism you can activate in options (Prism Central Info) and enable. The Prism Central to be consulted must be registered with the Prism element placed in point 3. Prism Central info is only compatible at the moment with AHV.
An Administrator or Domain User with an Administrator Role must be placed within Prism Central.


  • Save as, where is file saved.
    • When executing NIACtool the default directory is “niactoolfolder\report\”
  • Open file after run. Open the file at the end of the job.
  • Open/Close windows log, Inline log from NIACtool
  • Custom timeout : Default 180 , minimum 60.


Since version v2.9.5 the use of the cli and having an extra level of security, the securepass tool was created, this allows saving the encrypted password and optimizing the use of cli.

Before using NIACtool CLI, it is necessary to run the securepass script which is located in the same folder as niactool.


This script will create the folder structure for the cluster report and encryption of the entered keys, you can run the script to have several Prism elements and run the CLI quickly without the need to enter IPs or credentials. designed to automate the report.

IMPORTANT 1 : All the reports generated by cli are automatically saved inside the NIACtoolfolder/report/Clustername

IMPORTANT 2 : Securepass will always request the IP of prism central, if the reports to be executed do not require prism central put a random IP and when executing the script put -pcc n.


  • -cl : Cluster list ready to run with niactool cli , “y” or “n”.
  • -pcc : Prism Central Info , “y” or “n”.
  • sh : Super help , “y” or “n”.
  • -t : Tiemout , Default 180s , minimun 60s.
  • -lcm: Software & firmware report (y/n) – LCM 2.3 or higher.

CLI Example’s:

Review the clusters in which I can run NIACtool cli:

NOTE: This list is generated by using the securepass script

NIACtool_v2.9.5.exe -cl y

To have an extra help in using the cli:

NIACtool_v2.9.4.exe -sh y

Execute a report with a cluster from the previously created list , without Prism central (-pcc) and -t , tiemout default 180s :

NIACtool_v2.9.4.exe -cn ntxprd -pcc n -lcm y

Execute a report with a cluster from the previously created list ,with Prism central (-pcc) and custom tiemout 200s (-t) :